Past Experience

I have been listing and selling real estate in Bloomfield Hills and surrounding areas since 1993. Prior to my second career in real estate, I spent 25 years in industry as an information specialist, consultant and manager. During that time, most of my leisure time involved interior decorating, home remodeling projects and gardening/landscaping. Combining sales and consulting skills honed in industry and substantial knowledge of residential property issues gained from my avocations, has led to a successful career as a real estate agent and created a growing trail of satisfied customers.

A strong project management background propels me to constantly question undesirable results (e.g., "Why isn't that house selling?") and find a solution to the problem. Continually listening to Buyers' comments regarding houses they see, provides a basis for accurately estimating the potential selling price of any given home in its current condition. I can also assess which changes to a home's decor, furniture arrangement, mechanicals, general maintenance and/or landscaping will likely be cost-effective.

Some of my strengths are:

  • Listening – Training from many years of consulting experience has taught me to listen not only to the "words" a Client uses, but also to "read between the lines" and observe Client reactions. These are important skills when listing a property for a Seller, as well as assisting a Buyer in finding a home they will love.
  • Establishing Property Value – I have a great track record in evaluating a home's location, style, decor, mechanicals, general maintenance and landscaping to ascertain an appropriate value for the property. This is beneficial to both Buyers and Sellers.
  • Home Staging – Paying attention to Buyer-desired details and many years of home decorating experience, has led me to develop a keen eye for changes to a home's decor, furniture arrangement, maintenance and/or landscaping that will enhance a home's selling price in a cost-effective manner and shorten the selling time. I have been performing home staging – in vacant as well as occupied properties – for nearly 20 years. A well-staged home will sell for 10 – 20% more than a vacant or poorly presented property. Select home staging services are available to my Listing Clients at no cost.
  • Marketing – I apply the marketing techniques used in industry to promote my real estate properties – knowing what the Buyer desires and presenting each home so that it appeals to the appropriate Buying demographic. The key point is NOT to market each home identically, as Buyers of properties in different areas and price ranges have different expectations. Marketing techniques also must change with the times in order for a homeowner to receive the most benefit from a property sale.
  • Knowledge of School System Areas – Many Buyers are unaware that "named" municipal areas (e.g., Troy, Bloomfield, Birmingham) and school systems bearing the same name, are not synonymous! For example, you can live in the City of Troy, but your school system may be Troy, Birmingham, Bloomfield, Avondale, Warren Consolidated or Royal Oak – dependent, of course, on exactly where your home is located. If school system is important to a Buyer, I can advise as to all of the geographic areas where that school system can be found.


The preceding strengths provide the following specific advantages to my Clients:


Seller Advantages - Vacant Homes

Early in my real estate career, I recognized that vacant resale homes do not sell very fast and usually for a lower price than the same home with furnishings. In fact, my very first listing had been on the market with another REALTOR® for six months with no offers forthcoming. When I walked through the empty house prior to listing, I caught myself visualizing each room with furnishings. Knowing that only 15% of the population is actually able to accomplish such visualization, I developed a plan for populating the rooms with some real and some pseudo furnishings to give potential buyers a perspective of how the home would appear when furnished. Within three weeks, the Seller had two offers from which to choose! Based on such great initial success, I have continued to provide Faux Furnishings/staging – sometimes free of charge – for my Seller's listings, much to my clients' delight! I now provide this service to the general public, doing business as MAXIMUM IMPACT!


Seller Advantages - Occupied Homes

All Buyers are very visual --- what they see is what they get! For a home to sell in a reasonable time frame and at the best possible price, it must have appeal to current Buyers and be photographed well. I have assisted many of my Sellers in re-arranging and "tweaking" their decor to enhance the visual appeal and salability. Although it's preferable to have a number of photos of your home on popular websites, the quality of the photos is of great importance --- dimly-lit pictures of less-than-photogenic rooms is not a plus! I take multiple photos of key rooms and exterior features and selects only the best ones for publication.


Buyer Advantages

I have obtained an in-depth knowledge of most of Oakland County and parts of Macomb and Wayne counties by working for several real estate offices located in Bloomfield Hills, Rochester Hills and Troy. In addition to those three areas, Carol has listed and sold homes in Birmingham, West Bloomfield, Livonia, Farmington Hills, Canton, Novi, Commerce, Highland, Waterford, Clarkston, Lake Orion, Oakland Township, Auburn Hills, Shelby, Sterling Heights, Clinton Township, Chesterfield Township, Warren, Clawson, Royal Oak, Berkley, Huntington Woods, Pleasant Ridge, Oak Park, Hazel Park and Southfield, not necessarily in that order. Having an appreciation for a wide range of areas makes it easier to assist Buyers, as they often start out focused on one area – only to eventually buy a home in an entirely different community. In addition, I have substantial experience with remodeling and update costs (something needed by many homes in today's real estate market) which is very useful to Buyers in estimating the actual value of any home being considered for purchase. I also can arrange for specific contractor remodeling proposals, when desired.